From hand-rolled classics to our inspired signature rolls, the beautiful Bonsai Bar features the most extensive sushi menu on Pensacola Beach.
Bonsai Bar is available daily from 4pm to 10pm.


miso soup | 3

edamame | 5

sashimi (six pieces) | 13

tuna tataki | 11

cucumber salad | 4

seaweed salad | 7

squid salad | 9

spring rolls | 7



two pieces | 6   four pieces | 11



smoked salmon





krab stick





two pieces | 7


spicy tuna







poke | 20

tuna/salmon/eel over fresh veggies and garnish on the side

sushi platter | 22

california roll and six assorted nigiri

sashimi platter | 23

assorted, fresh raw fish

sushi and sashimi combo | 48

california and tuna roll, assorted sashimi and five assorted nigiri


hpb | 14

shrimp tempura and cucumber topped with tuna and fresh avocado slices

california | 9

krab stick, avocado and cucumber topped with masago

florida | 9

shrimp, avocado and cucumber

tekka tuna | 10

fresh tuna roll with nori on the outside

spicy tuna | 11

sriracha spiced tuna and cucumber

spicy shrimp | 10

shrimp, cream cheese and avocado topped with sweet chili

shrimp tempura | 11

crispy tempura shrimp and avocado topped with eel sauce

fresh salmon | 10

fresh salmon and cucumber
make it spicy!

mamba | 12

tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, salmon, cucumber and avocado topped with masago

philly | 11

smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado

unagi | 11

eel and avocado topped with eel sauce

negi hamachi | 11

yellowtail and green onion

spicy octopus | 10

sriracha spiced octopus and cucumber

surf and turf | 10

steak, shrimp and avocado topped with eel sauce

cowboy | 10

steak, cream cheese and avocado topped with eel sauce


volcano | 12

shrimp tempura and avocado topped with baked spicy mayo krab mix

spider | 12

tempura soft shell crab and avocado topped with masago and eel sauce

lava | 12

tuna, shrimp, cucumber and avocado topped with spicy mayo

bonsai | 11

tuna, cream cheese and mango

pensacola beach | 13

tuna, krab stick, cucumber and avocado topped with crushed peanuts and eel sauce

dragon | 14

soft shell crab and avocado topped with eel and eel sauce

godzilla | 14

soft shell crab, cream cheese and avocado topped with eel and eel sauce

rainbow | 13

krab stick, cucumber and avocado topped with tuna, salmon and yellowtail

alaskan | 13

krab stick, shrimp, cucumber and avocado topped with fresh and smoked salmon

dragonfly | 14

shrimp tempura and cream cheese topped with avocado and eel sauce

veggie | 8

cucumber, asparagus, carrot and avocado

creamy avocado | 7

cream cheese and avocado


melontini | 12

fresh honeydew, midori, ketel one vodka, cracked black pepper and honeydew bamboo skewer

emerald punch | 11

midori, vodka, malibu, pineapple juice, soda water in light up hurricane glass with honeydew and cherry skewer

tropical bonsai | 10.5

malibu coconut, passion fruit and mango with pineapple and oj coconut cup with an umbrella

strawberry sake | 9

fresh strawberries, lime juice, simple syrup, min, sake and topped with soda water, mint sprig and strawberry

sangria | 10

sake, nectarines, plums, star fruit topped with prosecco

bonsai fizz | 12

st. germain, ketel one vodka, white cranberry juice, topped with prosecco and hibiscus flower

ten bulleits | 10.5

bulleit rye, tanqueray 10, fresh lime juice, ginger beer with lime and cherry

kentucky mule pitcher mug 100oz | 80   12oz | 10

maker’s mark, ginger beer, fresh lime juice for 3 or more people 100oz

oyster shooter | 7.5

vodka or beer, cocktail sauce and raw oyster

sake bomb | 6.5

kirin with a shot of sake to drop in



sapporo 22oz (can) | 10.5

kirin ichiban (draft) | 6

asahi (bottle) | 5.5




gekkeikan hot | 6/9

sho chiku bai cold | 7/10

kobai plum wine | 6/9

ty ku junmai silver (330ml) | 32

kikusui junmai ginjo (300ml) | 36

kikusui perfect snow unfiltered (300ml) | 33

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